Do's and Don't

Follow These Steps on Your Jim Corbett Safari

  Please enter the park only after taking the required Jim Corbett Permit and follow all jim corbett safari rules in full.
  Please get all the Jim corbett safari booking services of nature guides, guides and drivers who have been fully trained by the park for your benefit. They Jim corbett safari member help you a lot to spot any kind of wildlife and make sure that you do not lose your way in the forest in any way.
  Drive slowly to Jim Corbett Park. And in this way you can see them without disturbing any wildlife, and enjoy them to the Corbett jeep safari fullest.
  Go to the designated streets and trails of Jim corbett safari. The Jim Corbett Track of Driving allows you to trample the growing trees and comfort all the animals and their young.
  Thoroughly respect all of Corbett's wild animals and maintain a perfectly safe distance Corbett jugnel safari from them. Remember, you are in their house and they are the first priority here. You are their guest, so keep this thing in mind on during jim corbett safari.
  Instead of a stereo or transistor in your car, listen to the sweet music of the forest. The more calm you are, the more likely you are to see jim corbett wildlife safari beauty.
  Wear dull colored clothes during the Jim Corbett Safari. Because bright colors warn wild animals and they run away in fear
  It is completely forbidden to carry any kind of guns or weapons on Corbett jeep safari. Instead you feel completely free to shoot with a camera. Do not do any kind of smoke or light camp in the forest. Accidental fires can completely destroy this amazing forest in no time.
  Never leave your Jim corbett booking vehicle at any point in Jim Corbett Park where it is not allowed. This is for your own safety and the protection of all wildlife animals.
  Jim Corbett Park is not a zoo, So do not expect to see wildlife everywhere or at all times. Apart from this, Jim Corbett has a very breathtaking beauty to see in corbett jungle safari luck by chance.
  If you don't see a tiger in Jim Corbett then don't be disappointed. There are many other interesting creatures to be seen and nurtured here in jim corbett safari.
  No alcohol and non-vegetarian food is allowed at all in Jim Corbett Safari.
  Completely help keep Jim Corbett Park pollution free. While inside the park, please put all of your non-biodegradable litter (such as tin cans, plastics, glass bottles, metal boils, etc.) in the provided bag and remove it from your path. Do not throw the type of garbage in the forest during Corbett jeep safari.